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        ABOUT US

        Ningbo Rieche Technology Co.,Ltd is founded in 2002,RIECHE mainly produces low noise bearings,special bearings,wheels,parts for furniture hardware sliding system,building and window hardware system. RIECHE receives great trust by customers and expands the market share at home and abroad,with improvement in both quality and quantity.

        RIECHE spent $26 million to build a modern manufacturing in Yuyao in 2012,and started production in 2013.The ground covers about 31000 square maters,with construction area of 4000 square meters.RIECHE is composed by two parts,namely bearing and furniture&window.RIECHE has over 300 staffs,including 15 salesmen,15 technicists and 26 QA.RIECHE has the ability to produce 50 million pcs of small and medium-sized precision bearings per year,and 6 million sets of sliding door system per month.


        R & D strength

        High-quality, high level

        RIECHE set up a special technology development center, to build a high-quality, high-level first-class R & D team

        Management System

        Advanced technology and management team

        The company has advanced the domestic machinery manufacturing technology and management team, the establishment of a modern management system

        Manufacturing strength

        Automatic bearing production Connection

        From the outside groove grinding, internal grinding groove, to grinding diameter, and then lapping the outer groove, lapping the groove

        Business advantage

        Create greater value for customers!

        Mojia to achieve efficient for customers tailored products Quality, longevity, performance is much higher than other similar products Product performance to the leading domestic level



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